biopicJason Phifer is a budding media professional, sports blogger, and sports enthusiast. A Chicago Cubs fan since the beginning, baseball is his number one love but he equally roots for all Chicago sports teams. Well, maybe not the White Sox. A self-proclaimed “meathead sports nut” Jason has lived and figuratively died with his local sports. Channeling that specific love for sports, Jason is currently enrolled at the Illinois Media School to further pursue his passion. You can follow him through his adventures on social mediums like Facebook and Twitter.

While Jason is still considered young being in h
is early 30’s, he has had the privilege and misfortune of seeing some of Chicago’s most legendary moments and eras. Some of his earliest memories are of watching the Chicago Cubs in the 80’s . While not all of those moments are positive ones, he did happen to witness throughout his adolescence perhaps the greatest athlete to ever live Michael Jordan. This was around the time when he realized the true power of sports and how it can effect people on a grand scale. Jason has had a lot of ups and downs as far as being a sports fan in Chicago, but it has only deepened his affinity for sports.

The future looks bright and the path clear for Jason. He will have all the necessary technical skills but more importantly the experience needed to become a success.  Upon graduating from IMS, he fully expects to be on air in some form. While his pursuit will be focused on radio broadcasting, it is not out of the realm of possibility that Jason will an on-air television personality. Through his Facebook and Twitter outlets, his followers will have grown to a point that he will be a trusted voice in the sports media industry.